Part 4 – Successful Small Business Websites – Mobile

Moving on to pillar #4…

In pillar #3, we dug into social media engagement as part of your strategy to having a successful web presence today and into the future.

Remember, doing your online work every day, week, or month is vital. Just as you open the doors of your business on the high street every day, you need to be consistent in doing your work online. […]

Part 1 – Successful Small Business Websites

So let’s get to it.

In the first article in this series, we looked at the main reasons why most small business websites fail and had a look at what makes a good web presence.

Here, we’ll go into more detail about what you can and should do about it. The first “pillar” is your website.

This video is from Don Campbell and covers your overall website, and how to optimise it for an effective hub. Remember that your website and your domain are the “Hub” of your web presence. […]

Google Local Search Myths Exposed

If you have a local business and you want to get more business from Google and the internet in general, then this article will be very useful to you in your pursuit of  traffic, especially free traffic from search.

My friend Don Campbell of Expand2Web alerted me to just how prevalent are the “Search Myths” surrounding Local, obviously no less than for normal search today. Check out the video here … […]

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Social Media Inspirations

Here’s some inspiring discussion on why you need to be socially active for the benefit of your local business, or at the very least, have a social media presence.

Why Should A Business Have A Social Media Presence?

“There are sectors a business needs to look after – the profile of the company, the products, and the target customers. Social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, have made this humongous job a lot easier. Nowadays, a business even with a little exposure on social media has a great chance of making it big, and increasing its rate of conversion. Following are the reasons why social media is important for a business:”

Read more on Business2Community

You can see that Social Media is going to become “vital” to a businesses survival in the future – ignore it at your peril! […]

Not Just For Real Estate Business Owners!

OK, why not just for real estate business owners?

Well, although the original post by Seth Price at Inman News was focussed on the example of the real estate niche, I believe there are certain principles here that can be applied to any local business looking to create a great website.

Check out the info-graphic – he presents the entire decision making process like a board game – a nice idea I thought. Although the graphic is an advertisement ultimately, it’s still got a high info content that you can use to your benefit

(there’s some interesting comments also) – see the link below the graphic to go to the original post […]

Google Updates For Business Owners

It looks like good news for businesses with active websites as Google reveals more info about manual spam actions. If you have any issues with spam warnings (that were caused by yourself, or others), Google now reveals more info in your Webmaster Tools account

Google takes the guesswork out of manual webspam actions

“Marketers will no longer be in the dark about manual webspam actions Google takes against their pages. The search engine recently announced a new feature for Webmaster Tools that details when the webspam team has manually punished a site for publishing spammy online content or bad links.” […]

Mobile News Snippets

Derek here.

There’s some interesting news related to mobile that you should definitely be aware of as they will have an effect on your business, especially local here in the UK.

Is this the beginning of the end for the TV?

People are in general spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before, and the most popular activities are news and entertainment.

Televisions Are Old News, Mobile is Taking Over

By most accounts, more people will access the web via mobile device than a computer by the end of 2014. But what most reports don’t tell you (at least not yet) is that more people are getting TV shows and movies from mobile devices, as well. Even companies like Direct TV are getting into the mobile act! […]

Why Most Small Business Websites Fail

Its Derek here. Today I’m going to take a look at some of the reasons that most small business websites fail in what should be their main functions. Every business wants 2 main benefits from a website. The first goal is to bring in more new business and clients, and secondly, to allow effective and useful communication with both new and existing clients or customers. […]