Add Skype Button To Website – Allow Customers To Contact You NOW!

It’s all about customer service, really! I would avoid those companies that practically ignore me when it comes to how “I feel”, and I’m not alone. Recent statistics reveal the staggering reality of bad customer service and the amazing benefits of good customer service relations in your business.


Check out these customer service stats

  • 80% of customers are willing to pay more for good service
  • 90% of UK shoppers walk away without buying something if they get bad customer service! 41% of shoppers said the biggest frustration is lack of interest in their needs.

Read more of these stats here

What customers really think – 30 stats on customer expectations and attitudes to customer service

We’re in an incredibly fast paced ever changing world! Customer expectations are ever demanding and ever increasing, customer choice is expanding and the world is becoming ever more transparent. It means that we’re all busy trying to anticipate and deal with these incessant changes and we’re constantly ‘on the go’! Our research suggests that successful business leaders consciously take time out to reflect, review and refocus themselves and their business to survive, even ‘thrive’ in these Dramatically and Demonstrably Different times!”


The reality is pretty dramatic! As a successful marketing consultant friend of mine always says “if you just do what you promise, these days, you will be head and shoulders above your competitors”

“50% of new callers don’t ring back if they don’t get an answer when they call,….. [source: moneypenny] – and 15% of existing customers don’t call again if they get the same experience!”

Here’s a slideshow version of Andy’s article with the stats

So, Make It Easy For Your Customers And Clients To Get In Touch With You.

So here’s what I did on my own site; I put this cool Skype button so that people can just contact me directly from my site, either by chat or call.

Here’s how to do it