Are You Looking For A Website That Gets Results? Do You Want To Work With A Web Designer That Puts Your Needs First And Won't Let You Down?

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Focus On Getting Results...

Fermanagh Web Design made developing our website a pleasure, they have creative ideas, are very responsive and are competitively priced.

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Work with us and get

Massive exposure for your business online

More new customers for your business

More business with your existing customers

Increased profits for your business

Friendly, honest, reliable, fast, professional, effective, and affordable service

Updates on useful emerging tools, technologies, and strategies to make you money



Focus on what Really matters

 We filter out all the noise and condense information down to only what is required for action

 We take care of the technology so you are free to focus on running Your business and doing what you do best

 We warn you about things you should avoid that eat up your time and resources with no benefit


What makes us stand out above the others?

  You will never feel that you are being "fobbed off and have no support"
 When you ask for help with problems, we won't "blame you", and we'll fix it fast
 You will never feel that you are "paying for our learning curve" and you won't get quoted "mega figures"

 You will never feel like you are "held over a barrel" or "stuck with us"
 We won't steal your website domain name by registering it in OUR company name - this is a massive problem today
 You won't feel that you are just "throwing good money after bad"
 You will NEVER feel that we think the project "now belongs to us and you don't have a say in anything" - you will remain in control


With us you won't have bad experiences like this man did elsewhere:

"He got nothing done for two months and I saw that it was only going to get worse. I then found another fellow who actually seemed to be the right guy, but who kept promising me a start date and then never giving me one. A third fellow started work this past week. Within three days he had already gone about 80% over projected initial costs, without letting me know."


Working with us you will see that

  we are fair
  we stick to your budget
  you own your website name and files

Your site will be hosted on a powerful and reliable webserver, so that you don't need to worry because your site will be available 99.9% of the time, at least
 you are working with "someone who not only is reliable but who also gives you a feeling of reliability"
  even after we have started your project, that you should have some say in everything too

we value your input and suggestions
  we are here to help you


Even after you get your site up and running, we can offer other suggestions on how to get more sales and traffic

Internet Marketing         Identity and Branding         Strategy & Consulting
Think About Getting More Business! Design a Website that Draws Customers Consulting at Affordable Prices

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is primarily about acquiring customers and understanding their response to what you have to offer.

My services help you do that with search engine optimization, local business listings, email campaigns, website design, search engine marketing and much more.


Identity and Branding

In order to maintain a steady client base I use a variety of techniques that do the most important job out there: Keep your customers coming back for more.

My goal is to get your company properly advertised and ready to the face any opposing competition.


Strategy & Consulting

Getting to know you is the best part of this journey. Since I am advertising for you I take the time to get know your business and the potential clients out there for you.

My goal is not to build a website or an ad camapgin but to work out a marketing strategy for you to get more customers!



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